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Thinking about creating or signing an Animal Petition? Take a moment to read our information about Petitions, which we shared a few years ago. With so many concerned people and organizations coming together on worthy causes through the power of social media (in the form of petitions), and others who downplay the importance and impact of these petitions, we wanted to share this again. 

Animal Advocacy Blog Picture Janet Bovitz Sandefur just-do-something.orgAnimal Advocacy Blog Picture Janet Bovitz Sandefur just-do-something.org
Does this mean you shouldn’t sign specific petitions?

No! Even if the petition is not in your state or is vague, petitions that gain social media momentum and interest make a very strong impact. Many times, petitions can be happily resolved and ultimately closed JUST from the social media attention it received and the pressure that puts on the target of the petition – regardless of whether it got to the target or not.

And remember, if you feel a petition is worth signing, then it’s also worth sharing.  Take the time to always sign AND share petitions. Petitions DO make a difference; they DO elicit change; and they DO matter.

What about “bad” petition sites?

Like everything else, it does pay to do your due diligence, even when signing and sharing petitions. If you are not sure of the validity of a petition’s content, do a quick google search to see if you can find the situation that the petition is referencing. You can also try to reach out to a petition creator, or the hosting organization itself, to check on validity. There are lists available on the web that will point you to valid and non-valid petition sites – but ultimately it’s up to you to determine what’s real versus fake before signing and sharing a petition.

And, more and more, even valid petition sites are asking for more demographic and clarifying information that ever before. In part, this is because recipients of petitions (that those are targeted for the petition to be sent to) want to know who is really signing them. You are not obligated to add your real date of birth or telephone number, however that information does become important when you are signing a valid petition for your state of residence if that petition is going to your related congressional representative(s).

So, what’s the best way to create a petition?

  • State just the facts. 
  • Include as much identifying information as possible in the body of your petition when talking about the issue: Names of Individuals and/or Organization; Location of situation (City/Town/State); Dates; Past effort information; Related links; Current pictures.
  • Add Hashtags (#) to the content! Hashtags help others with specific searches. Some good examples of hashtag use in Petitions are: #AnimalPetition, #AnimalWelfare, #AnimalAbuse, #AnimalNeglect, #(Location), #(Organization Name).
  • Provide an additional way for signers to contact the target of your petition (example: full mailing address so a follow-up personal letter can be mailed; social media pages, website).
  • Set a realistic goal for the number of signatures needed. A google search will tell you the number of signatures needed in order for a petition to be seen by your target(s).
  • Provide regular updates on your petition so those who have signed know the status. Petition updates show your signers that you are still moving forward on your petition goals, and keeping abreast of any news related to the petition content. You always want to keep your petition in the limelight and one of the best ways to do this is to update it and keep sharing it.

You can view a listing of the most common Animal Petition sites by clicking here.

We sent this information out to all of the popular related Animal Petition sites, in the hopes that each related site can implement these changes and updates to ensure that the majority of all Animal Welfare petitions, created and signed within the United States, have the very best chance to impact, be read and acted upon.

Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for making petitions better?
Send them to us and we’ll add them!

Petitions change lives. So, BE the change YOU wish to see in this world, and go start a petition. And, at the very least, sign and share the ones that come your way. Animals are waiting.

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