PS – I Actually Like Zucchini Bread (from Janet)

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It’s very hard for me to be neutral when it comes to Animal Welfare, and most times, with people in general.

I have always been a tolerant person, but the more involved I became and the more knowledgeable I got when it came to helping animals in need, the less I began to saw people as humane.  

It’s not to say I dislike everyone I meet, but rather, I find myself on the outside of their circles simply because I don’t care about the things they care about. I find it amazing, still, that a person can take the time to write an entire paragraph on what they are making for dinner on Facebook (but pick any social media platform here), but choose to pass by posts pertaining to relevant and life impacting issues such as Animal Welfare. Seriously? 15 likes for your homemade zucchini bread, and then on the SAME home page, right underneath THAT, three posts to sign and share for something worthy – and all is quiet.

I get it. I know VERY well that Animal Welfare is either a very touchy and/or heart wrenching topic, or – sadly – it’s not as important for some as what’s for dinner tonight. It can be very black and white, or invisible.

And that is where my tolerance stops. I just can’t be bothered with the whole “zucchini bread” mentality, when animals are suffering and dying right now, here and there, every damn day. 

However, there is a fine line between tolerating and ignoring the human race completely.  For, if you self-isolate based on your feelings of ill will towards the ignorant, the selfish, the self-absorbed, and the zucchini breads of the world, or even in your corner of life, you may lose an opportunity to open someone’s else’s eyes to the plight of animals in need.

This doesn’t mean that I am always preaching about Animal Welfare – because most times it’s someone else who brings up my name at a party or gathering, with a “you should talk to Janet about (insert subject)”.  I’m not quiet about my passions, but I can carry a conversation about other things, and never bring up the subject. 

But – but – if the situation arises where I can educate or share awareness, I will and I do. So if you find yourself at a place surrounded by lots of zucchini bread, keep in mind that you may just have the chance to impact change.  And, you just never know when you will have an opportunity to actually get someone else to post something productive on their social media pages.

PS – I actually like Zucchini bread.

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