What Does It Take?

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Today a woman reached out to me to tell me that she no longer wanted to be connected to our social media pages because of the pictures that we share as part of spreading the word about Animal Advocacy.

In the past, if someone would have approached me with that statement, it would have made me angry.

Today, it just made me sad.

There is an unbelievable number of people with caring, compassionate souls that simply cannot fathom the injustices done to animals.  For many of those people, although their heart is in the very right place, they cannot take the knowing that comes with being involved in Animal Advocacy and Welfare.

And because of this, the Animal Support community waxes and wanes in numbers. A lot.

Animal cruelty affects people in different ways.  It’s wonderful that for most, it compels and motivates others to move forward, to want to take action – to simply do something because now they are aware.

And for those same people, sometimes it’s good to simply take a break from the daily haunting images and information if only to regroup, take a breath, and re-energize before jumping in again. There is always someone right behind you doing today what you need to take a time-out from.

But, for those that make the decision to simply stop; to tune out and purposely avoid what is happening…every day we lose well intentioned people who simply cannot tolerate the reality of crimes against animals.

So, what does it take?

What does it really take to be able to go the distance, every day, expecting nothing in return except to save or better the life of an animal?

I say, It Just Takes You.

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