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In 2009, just through sharing and posting, Facebook’s Animal Right’s Group reached 3 MILLION consumers.  3 MILLION.
Through just one social medium platform, for just one group.

To date, animal advocacy groups, and organizations dedicated to animal welfare and reform, continue to be social media’s largest posting genre.
The largest.

You may not feel that you are a part of something so grand.  Especially in smaller social circles, where many either simply don’t want to be bothered; they think it’s too “depressing” and/or they don’t want to be  compared to that “little old lady who feeds a houseful of stray cats that has nothing else to do”.

Animal advocates are far from that.  We have friends and family, and hold full-time jobs.  We get married.  We continue our schooling.  We retire.  We LIVE.  And – we also have discovered something bigger than ourselves, something completely selfless that comes from within.   We feel at a level so basic, so deep, that it IS hard for others to understand what that means if they don’t feel it themselves.  We don’t question our motives, our goals or ourselves.    So we gently turn the other way in the face of those who don’t understand, or who don’t want to understand.  We don’t have time to waste on that.  Every moment counts when there is so much at stake.  So many animals are waiting on US, the ones that DO get it.

It doesn’t take much to spread the word.

Awareness makes a difference. In the time it takes to read what someone had for dinner, or to scroll through your posts to see who is doing what at the gym, you could be sharing, tweeting, posting, signing – helping. Making a difference to an animal in need somewhere.  Somewhere, an animal is waiting for YOU.

  • Every day, many times a day, social media helps an animal in need, in some way.
  • Don’t forget to hashtag (#) key words! Hashtagging allows for key words to be searched on quickly and effectively!
  • Sign and share petitions! Petitions matter and make a difference!
  • You never know if YOUR social media effort will be THE one to save a life or make a positive difference.
  • Please, always take a moment to advocate when you can.  Always.
  • ​Always take a moment to spread awareness.


How do you spread awareness?  We love hearing and sharing what others are doing to get the word out! We are always happy to share YOUR endeavors, so come on and tell us!

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Share for Awareness ~ it matters!
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