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Whether you are advocating on a big or small scale, no good effort is EVER wasted.

You can be a complete animal lover but not yet have found your passionate goal to advocate for. That’s okay.  You will know it when it grabs hold of you on a level so deep that you cannot turn your back on it.

  • Click HERE for the Short List of what you can do RIGHT NOW, TODAY!
  • Helping Animals in ANY season makes a difference: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall!

The possibilities to advocate and support are ENDLESS.

There are always animals in need.  No animal advocate will turn away your willingness and offer to help.   You may find your passionate cause just by reaching out to see who needs help or what others are doing to make a difference.

  • Always speak up – Always help!   Never, ever turn your back on abuse, injury or neglect.  If you see an animal in need or in distress, report it.
    • Make sure that help arrives before you leave the situation.
    • You never know when YOU may be the ONLY one to witness an act of cruelty or come to an animal’s aide.
  • Spread awareness!  Start a conversation.  EVERY share, post, retweet, and signature matters. Countless lives are saved and changed EVERY DAY because people like you and like me take the time to spread awareness in every form.   You never know when YOUR share will be THE share to make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Make animal-friendly choices when you shop!  Think about the items you buy for food, clothing, assessories, personal/social hygeine and gift giving.  Go fur and leather free. Buy items not tested on animals. If you are not a vegetarian/vegan, find out where your meat, chicken and dairy items come from, and get educated on Factory Farming.   
  • Start a Club! The Homeless Pet Clubs is a unique and creative way to get people (of all ages) involved in helping animals, from adoption to awareness!  If you see a need in your community to heighten Animal Welfare and get people actively involved with your local shelters and rescue groups, this is a great place to start!
  • Networking saves lives! So many animals need homes and rescues, especially in high-kill shelters.  If you come across a post regarding an animal in need, jump on Google and help network to save that life! Don’t be shy in reaching out and asking for help!
    • Let others know you are helping to rescue that life.
    • Rally your group of contacts and friends to help reach out.
    • Many times, people will pledge money to have the animal rescued. Pledges should be collected after the animal has been rescued, and after the Freedom Picture is provided.
    • Reach out to other rescue groups and individuals to see if they can help; this should be local to the area, and then beyond, if needed.
    • If beyond, you may need transport! A good place to start for that is Kindred Hearts.
    • If you need transport, you may need someone to pull or board the animal until transport can pick up. Kindred Hearts can answer all of these questions on how to get started.
    • Continue to call the shelter to let them know you are trying to network.
    • Share the animal’s picture and information many times a day.
    • Don’t stop trying, until it is confirmed that the animal has been saved.
    • Once the animal has been rescued, make sure you provide updates to everyone.
    • We rescued Eloise by networking.  THIS is her story.  THIS is her update!
  • See something, JUST DO SOMETHING! Many well-meaning pet owners may not be knowledgeable in all aspects of pet care; don’t be afraid to speak up if you see a need.
  • Keep your eyes open! Look around – do you know of a friend or neighbor whose four-legged friend is left alone too much, or chained up/caged all day?  Offer to walk, play or just spend time with a pet who may not be getting the healthy attention or exercise s/he needs.
  • What’s happening in your local shelter? Check your local shelters to see what their current animal residents might need – plus, shelter staff always welcome help.
  • Churches and Food Pantries help families with pets! Visit your local churches or food pantries to find out if in-need families also have animals that require food or other attention.
  • Play on-line to feed animals for free! Click to give away FREE kibble to dogs and cats – right from your computer!
    • Go to FreeKibble – you can even set up a reminder to play daily!
  • Who are your local rescue groups? Contact your local rescue groups to see how you can help.
  • Is your state up to date? Find out what guidelines and laws are missing within your County or State, then start with a call to your legislators to find out what you can do to start the process to evoke change.
    • States, nation-wide, need Shelter Reform Laws.  A great place to get started with this is through the No Kill Advocacy Center.
    • Click HERE to see how you get can get started specifically on this important issue.
  • Jump on the Animal Rescue Site!  They provide some great opportunities to help animals, right from your own home.
  • Not driving that old vehicle anymore? Donate it.
  • Sign AND share animal support and welfare petitions.  Petitions truly make a difference; they can heighten awareness, educate, inspire discussions and action, and evoke change.  Signing and sharing MATTER.  Some great petition sites (in no specific order):
  • Pick Up Trash!  Countless animals die every year from garbage. Some eat it, some strangle in it, some starve to death because of it, the list goes on.  Pick it up, cut it up, and throw it out. It takes two seconds to pick something up – so do it, and help not only save a live, but our planet also.
  • Encourage and educate others!  Take advantage of moments and situations to talk about Animal Welfare.  Encourage someone to report abuse if they are shy about it.  It’s never too soon to talk to children about what kindness means to all animals. Lead by example. Correct misinformation. Support that person trying to make a difference.  Don’t let someone bully an Animal Advocate. Don’t let someone bully an animal.

And remember, it’s difficult sometime to work in Animal Advocacy.  We understand that.
Think about getting an Advocate Buddy!

Still not sure?  We will help.  Reach out to us, and just-do-something.org will connect with you.

Do you have additional great ideas for what others can do to make a difference?
We’d love to know about it! Tell us, and we’ll share it!

Are you doing something RIGHT NOW to make a difference?
Share it with us as a JUST DO SOMETHING Moment, and we’ll post it!

Remember, there is always, always, always something you can do TODAY to help an animal in need. Always.

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