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PS – I Actually Like Zucchini Bread (from Janet)

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It’s very hard for me to be neutral when it comes to Animal Welfare, and most times, with people in general.

I have always been a tolerant person, but the more involved I became and the more knowledgeable I got when it came to helping animals in need, the less I began to saw people as humane.  

It’s not to say I dislike everyone I meet, but rather, I find myself on the outside of their circles simply because I don’t care about the things they care about. I find it amazing, still, that a person can take the time to write an entire paragraph on what they are making for dinner on Facebook (but pick any social media platform here), but choose to pass by posts pertaining to relevant and life impacting issues such as Animal Welfare. Seriously? 15 likes for your homemade zucchini bread, and then on the SAME home page, right underneath THAT, three posts to sign and share for something worthy – and all is quiet.

I get it. I know VERY well that Animal Welfare is either a very touchy and/or heart wrenching topic, or – sadly – it’s not as important for some as what’s for dinner tonight. It can be very black and white, or invisible.

And that is where my tolerance stops. I just can’t be bothered with the whole “zucchini bread” mentality, when animals are suffering and dying right now, here and there, every damn day. 

However, there is a fine line between tolerating and ignoring the human race completely.  For, if you self-isolate based on your feelings of ill will towards the ignorant, the selfish, the self-absorbed, and the zucchini breads of the world, or even in your corner of life, you may lose an opportunity to open someone’s else’s eyes to the plight of animals in need.

This doesn’t mean that I am always preaching about Animal Welfare – because most times it’s someone else who brings up my name at a party or gathering, with a “you should talk to Janet about (insert subject)”.  I’m not quiet about my passions, but I can carry a conversation about other things, and never bring up the subject. 

But – but – if the situation arises where I can educate or share awareness, I will and I do. So if you find yourself at a place surrounded by lots of zucchini bread, keep in mind that you may just have the chance to impact change.  And, you just never know when you will have an opportunity to actually get someone else to post something productive on their social media pages.

PS – I actually like Zucchini bread.

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YOU can make a difference (from Janet) Janet Bovitz Sandefur Animal Advocacy Animal Welfare

It’s interesting the way some peoples’ minds work. Some people figure that if they can’t “go big”, there’s no point in doing anything at all.

So not true.

There are ALL kinds of heroes and champions when it comes to Animal Welfare. And yes, some of those heroes and champions have big backing attached to them.

But just watch ANY animal whose life has been changed by one single act of kindness and compassion. That animal in need doesn’t care if you’re the CEO of a not-for-profit, or if your name is plastered all over the news.

Bigger names who have access to available funding does go a long way in helping animals in need – no doubt about it.

But there is so much ANYONE and EVERYONE can do to save or better a life, even if it’s just you, without benefit of being part of a bigger organization; even if you’re not made of money.

The recent devastation from the current hurricane situations has called to so many caring and compassion animal lovers. Volunteers from different backgrounds and experiences are coming together in wonderful ways, all to help animals – domestic, farm AND wild – affected by these brutal storms.  Some ARE not-for-profits, and many (many) are not.  

Sometimes, sadly, there is a line between where you are in the “helping animals in need chain”.  Animal advocates know exactly what I am talking about. 

It’s great to see that line blurred in favor of just helping out where and when someone can, as we are seeing right now – everyone is working hard together to save, aide and comfort as many animals as possible during this tragic circumstance, without regard to where they are in the “chain”.

If you think you can’t help make a difference – change your thinking.

And, if you can’t travel to help, if you can’t donate to help, then look around right in your own town.  Somewhere, an animal is waiting for help, for rescue, for food, for water, for shelter, for kindness, to be noticed, to be helped, to be freed, to be less afraid.

An animal is waiting for someone, anyone, to JUST DO SOMETHING. Maybe it’s YOU.

It matters. 

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Holiday Forgetfulness (From Janet)

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“Holiday forgetfulness” strikes too many people when it comes to animals.

Despite the many warnings and articles highlighted in social media when it comes to animal safety  and the “do’s & don’ts” of holidays events – there are still those who might feel they and their pets are above all that, and continue to do dumb things that put our four-legged friends (and birds) at risk.

Sometimes, luckily for an animal, a person who keeps their eyes and ears open are not only quick to spot something that needs attention, but they are also quick to speak up and take action about it.

But what if there wasn’t a champion around? Or what if someone didn’t say anything?

My point is that many people are wonderful animal owners.  But sometimes, when it comes to a three-day weekend, or a special holiday, stupid finds them and sticks with them.  So caught up are they in their socializing and their excitement in having that special day or extra day off (which includes showing off their beloved pet), that their choices become poor ones when it comes to the animals they are responsible for.

It’s not a difficult thing for an animal owner to put some thought and consideration into how they will be celebrating a holiday event while making sure their pet is taken into consideration.  It takes MORE time to deal with the results of a scared, sick or run-away pet.

With so many animals WITHOUT owners, how blessed are those that have a family.  But it’s up to that family to take care of them, and plan for them.

If YOU’RE hot, they’re hot.

If YOU’RE tired of walking in the heat, they’re tired of walking in the heat.

If YOU’RE getting bitten by bugs, they are getting bitten by bugs.

If the pavement is too hot for your YOUR bare feet, the pavement is too hot for their paws.

If YOU hate being locked or chained away from your “pack”, so do they.


Common sense goes a long way, if you are not in the throws of Holiday Forgetfulness.

If you see someone where stupid has found them and stuck to them this Labor day holiday, please speak up.   An animal’s life, and certainly their comfort, may depend on that.

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