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Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in tackling an issue, even though you know you want to.

Our advice?  Follow your heart, and then jump in.

Advocating for any cause starts with something being stirred in you.   That stirring can ignite a spark or a fire.  The bigger the flame in you, the brighter you will burn. Show others your light!

  • Narrow down your current advocacy goals.  There are so many worthy causes, sometime’s it’s hard to find a starting point, even if you ​have an idea of what you want to do. That’s okay. Just decide to move forward with your endeavor (JUST DO SOMETHING every day), and as you progress, your goals will become more defined to you and to others, taking a shape and a life of its own.
  • Decide how you want to see your goals play out (personally, locally, state-wide, nationally).    Not sure yet?  There are many resources you can utilize to help you form your advocacy plan.  As you progress on your path, your goals may morph into something different or additional than what you originally planned. That’s a good thing.  Sometimes things have a way of finding you.
  • Keep track.  When things get crazy in your quest, having details handy that you can easily refer back to can help.  Maintain a listing of the people, organizations, telephone numbers and links that you have reached out to.  A quick notation of what they are and the date you made contact will ​come in handy.
  • Develop a backbone.  Animal support and advocacy is sometimes a tough, and always an emotional, journey.  People will say they want to help, but they won’t.  Others may not want to talk about it all, and that includes times when you want to talk about your accomplishments, goals or roadblocks. You will read and see things that are painful; your views on life, friends and the world may change; you will hit walls.    You have to be convicted in your beliefs, be prepared to stand by them, and be determined to push forward no matter what.
  • Get connected.  Spreading your word takes time and effort.   For every one person who does not want to get involved (and you will come across​ them), you will meet two who are involved or who will want to learn more.  Don’t be afraid to reach out – an animal in need may be waiting for YOU.

Still not sure?  We will help.  Reach out to us, and will connect with you.

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