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Our Resource Page has been the most challenging page to create on our website.

We have received so many wonderful comments from people and organizations from all over the world, excited to share their information with others.  Along with this, we have had comments ranging from “feel free to post all of my contact information on your Resource page”, to “please don’t post my contact information, but you are welcome to give it out if you are asked”.

After much thought, consideration and poll-taking, we decided that we would maintain our Resource database privately, but freely give out information (where we have permission) to help others in whatever endeavors or questions they have.

This did cause a little concern to those organizations that have wonderfully posted our website link to their pages, because (to be fair), we should be posting their website on ours in return.  We resolved that concern by offering those organizations the opportunity to Guest Blog on our site – this way we can highlight them here, and on our social media pages. will help you in any way we can to assist you in achieving your advocacy goals.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Putting you in touch with resources to help you further your goal or answer your questions.
  • Creating an Animal Petition
  • Adopting a pet
  • Locating a rescue group
  • Pet rescue
  • Animal rehabilitators

 Reach out to us with your goals and questions; our list of contacts and resources is long, and is growing every month (thank you!).

The animal welfare community is so warm and welcoming, and knowledgeable.  It’s AWESOME that so many people are willing to lend their expertise, services and voice to others with the same or similar goals.  It’s how we learn, help, save and unite together in the fight to help those that cannot speak for, or defend themselves.

Want to be added to our Resource database?
Just let us know by providing your contact and demographic information.

A little more….

Did you know?

When was starting its journey into animal advocacy, we were not aware of just how difficult it can be to connect with the “right” people and organizations to continue our education and attain our goals. Since we were coming at everything from an “our heart” perspective, with no political agenda or personal gain, we felt that we would just talk from the heart, and reach out to people and places that we felt might be able to help us, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt that those that we reached out to also had the animals’ very best interests at heart. The more people we spoke with, it became clear to us that despite being “young” at advocacy, we had gotten farther than some other welfare groups in a shorter amount of time.

Our point?

Don’t let ANYONE deter you. Reach out and see for YOURSELF  the responses you may or may not get. Reach out and see for YOURSELF the ones that will help you versus the ones that will not. Don’t let ANYONE push you down or burst your bubble. REMEMBER: your efforts and passion are for the welfare of all animals, not you, not anyone else. Persevere. It matters.

Our motto?

It never hurts to ask, or reach out.   JUST DO SOMETHING.

Additional Helpful Quick Links

Lost and Found Pets (Monroe County/Rochester, New York)

  • Click HERE to check postings by the City of Rochester, New York
  • Click HERE to check postings by Craig’s List* Lost and Found for Rochester, New York area
    * Reminder: NEVER sell or give away a pet on Craig’s List, or on the newspaper.
       You just never know who you are giving an animal to.
       Are YOU thinking of giving up a pet? Think and plan before you do. 
  • Click HERE to check postings by Lollypop Farm’s Lost and Found Facebook Page
  • Click HERE to check postings by Monroe County Lost and Found Facebook Page
  • Click HERE to check postings by TV Station WHAM-13
  • Click HERE to check dog-only postings by Lost My Doggie
How to find your formal legislative representatives:

Most state counties have websites to help you find your local County legislators.

Through any internet search engine, type in your county and state:  “Monroe County, New York legislator”.

  • Click HERE  to find your State Governor.
  • Click HERE  to find your State representatives.
  • Click HERE  to find your Federal representatives.


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