We Truly Want to Hear From You

People really do underestimate the power of words.

Your comments, thoughts and suggestions DO make a difference to someone, somewhere.

And if your words positively impact or evoke change for the better, then you should NEVER stop sharing them.  Never.

We are the only ones who can make a difference.
We are the only ones.

If WE don’t do something, who will?

So come and speak up.
Be brave.
Just Do Something.

You might just change the world.

Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts, and remember to JUST DO SOMETHING every day!

If you are reaching out to us to help you report Animal Abuse or Animal Neglect, please include the following detailed information:

  • Full location (complete address) of situation
  • County 
  • Nearest cross road
  • Description of situation
  • Your complete contact information: Name, Address, Reliable Contact Phone Number and E-Mail Address – WE WILL CALL YOU FIRST
  • We will NOT report a situation without speaking with you first
  • Take pictures with date-stamp; we will ask you for these when we speak

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Share for Awareness ~ it matters!
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