Be Good to Yourself AND Animals this Spring (from Janet)

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We get it.  Everyone is just coming off the cold, harsh, draining season of Winter, and most of are anxious to get the house and yard cleaned up, and get in the warmth of the sunshine, plan that vacation and forget about the snow.

And we ALL can do that.

But for many animals in need, the harshness of Winter simply carries over to the same miserable conditions even with the change of seasons.

Many people think that because the weather is changing to a milder season, that the pets that were left outside 24/7 over the Winter (think tethering and chaining, think strays and ferals) have it better.

Well, they don’t exactly have it better – they just now will have a different set of miserable circumstances to deal with.

  • There may not be snow for owners to trudge through (a deterrent for many to do regular feeding, watering and socialization), but now many will not want to pick up the outdoor environment from the crap, old rotten food and last year’s sticks and leaves, leaving not only a muddy mess, but a dirty and unhygienic area – the ONLY area many 24/7 outdoor pets have.
  • It may not frigid, but the ground is still cold, frozen, wet and muddy.
  • There may not be wild animals roaming about so much in search of food, but now bug, bee and spider season start, and those bites can cause intense itching and painful stinging, and for many animals, allergic reactions and infections.
  • And let’s not forget fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.  
  • You know how you feel when you get bit or stung? Fur does not always prevent bug bites and stings.
  • Spring cleaning for many includes airing out the bedding. For most animals, clean bedding is welcome. Even in the wild, animal parents, and birds, clean out their nest and den areas.  Did you know that many owners of 24/7 outdoor pets do not EVER clean the outdoor pet house? This means that anything carried in on the paws, will STAY there. This means that anything looking to find shelter (think bugs, spiders and mice) in a pet house will STAY there.

The list goes on. We bet between your common sense, and imagination, you can come up with many more examples of the miseries of Spring for a 24/7 outdoor pet.

Our point? Spend the time you want to take care of yourself now that Spring is here and warmer weather is just around the corner.  It will feel great to pack away that Winter wear, bring out some color for your home and your wardrobe, freshen everything up and let the Spring air in, open a window and relish the sunshine.

And then, or while you are doing all of that, take a moment to remember who has been sitting outside 24/7 through cold nights, harsh Winter days, day and after day – and JUST DO SOMETHING to make a difference for that animal.   

It doesn’t take much to change the life of an animal in need.  It just takes YOU. Animals ALL over, even in your town, are waiting to be noticed and helped.  EVERYONE either personally knows of an animal chained to one spot 24/7, or sees them when out and about.

So, put a little Spring in an animal’s life; it’s enjoyed and appreciated by them just as much as it’s enjoyed by you. Maybe even more, since they are waiting for relief and have only us to rely on. It matters.

PS – More Spring tips to help animals in need! Read more here.

Animal Advocacy Blog Animal Welfare janet Bovitz sandeAnimal Advocacy Blog Animal Welfare janet Bovitz sandefur