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There are many wonderful website pages devoted to animal support and advocacy.

And although there are many great support and advocacy organizations, not everyone “talks” to each other, not everyone works together, and not everyone is aware of each other. We would like to be a singular point of contact for EVERY support group and organization in Western New York, with the ultimate goal of being one of the more reliable networking and informational sites extending past our state.

We want to rally like-minded individuals, organizations and rescue groups so that we are all networked together with one goal – to be a key resource of support and advocacy in the name of animal welfare.

Unfortunately, like many communities, there are politics and conflict in advocacy and support.  One organization we spoke with cannot help or support consumers attain certain goals and causes due to limitations imposed on them by the State! We want to break those barriers so that ALL goals can be comfortably put on the table and shared, with the best interest of the animal in mind – with no other purpose, or agenda.

This would include, but not be limited to:

  • Sharing knowledge that advocates and supporters can take to improve the lives of animals, whether it be on an individual or legislative basis.
  • Providing reliable resource information to help others in their related endeavors and goals.
  • Being a conduit for support and advocacy events and news.
  • Spreading the word through social media and advertising, community forums, as well as an informative newsletter.
  • Meeting with related individuals, groups and organizations to think-tank.
  • Heightening awareness in the media and other community systems as it should be.  We would like to see animal awareness and support issues be more common in the media and (example) school systems, and we would like to spread the word in some way, every day, so that it touches those individuals and organizations not currently knowledgeable, invested or impacted by current situations.

just-do-something.org was created from the heart; a true labor of love. Getting to this point has been a very painful and eye-opening journey.   Some of the things seen and read about have been heart breaking and horrifically unbelievable.

Although everything is gently stated here, with no graphic pictures or descriptions, and without any political agenda, our passion behind ​our goals run deep.  Very deep.

There can be strength in quiet, unwavering determination.   And sometimes, the quietest voices are the strongest ones.

So, without any fanfare or drama, but with fierce determination and the knowledge that Right is on our side, here we are.

Paw hearts small


We are not going away.


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