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The topic of animal support and advocacy can be tough to navigate. Just  as anything else in life,  when it comes to discussing animal welfare issues, you will come across people of all types, with opinions and ideas of all types.

Opinions and ideas DO matter.  Without people acting on good opinions and ideas, great goals would not get met, and great things would not get accomplished.

Along with that, since people are different – opinions will be, also.  

So, just a gentle reminder to remember that EVERYONE has an opinion.    We may not agree with something that’s stated or written.  And that’s okay.  Diversity has a strong place in advocacy – as does unity.

Hopefully, here, everyone will come away with something thought provoking by reading a blog or a comment.    The words on this site are meant to inspire, motivate, educate, unite and be shared.  When reading a comment or a blog item here, it’s important to take away what is helpful, share what is important, and be gentle with everything in between.

With that said:

  • Please know that our goal of posting Guest Blogs is to spread awareness about animal support and advocacy.  Guest Bloggers’ posts may not always reflect the opinions of
  • We will post comments that some may find disagreeable or thought provoking.   It doesn’t mean that agrees or disagrees with every comment.
  • We will not post any comment that is derogatory, vulgar, slandering or that contains hate or bashing content. That is not our style!
  • We will not post any ongoing discussions arising from comments that are argumentative or of a “he said/she said” nature.
  • We reserve the right to delete any Guest Blog or comment, at any time, for any reason.

We invite you to please Contact Us directly for any questions you may have on anything related to Guest Blogs and/or related comments.


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