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Providing pet food to families in need in our current town.

It’s amazing how many opportunities there are to help out our four-legged friends.  Without seeking it out, an opportunity to extend assistance to families in need fell into our path recently, and we are not turning our backs. is working with a local food pantry to provide pet food to families who currently have fallen on difficult times and cannot afford to always pay for pet food.  

Every day pets are surrendered or abandoned.  Sometimes the reason is lack of being able to provide for that animal any more.  One animal saved from shelter life or abandonment because we were able to help out a family in need is awesome.  

Did you know?

Quietly, in almost every town, every place, families go hungry.  There are many resources to help with hunger pangs for humans, but not nearly enough for domestic pets.

What can you do?

  • Reach out.  Hunger is prevalent but many times, kept quiet.  If you know of a family in need, chances are if they have pets, they are hungry too.
  • Many times, local advocate groups in your community can help you in locating resources to help obtain pet food for a family in need.
  • It never hurts to ask!  Don’t be shy about asking an organization if they can donate pet food to a family in need.  Check with your super-stores and pet stores, call your local Humane Society. People will help if they are made aware of a need.
  • Do you have resources to obtain free pet food?  Share yourself with your local food pantry, church or social services organization.  These organizations can let you know who needs help through them.  Keep in mind that many organizations who know of families in need are required to be confidential.  You may be have to provide your contact information to them, and have the families reach out to you.

To our local residents:  Since this webpage went up, we have received some awesome pet food donations!  Some of them anonymous!  It’s hard to say a proper Thank You without a name, but thank YOU so much for not only taking the time to thoughtfully purchase pet food items, but for dropping them off.  EVERY effort is appreciated and WILL be used. How wonderful to live in a community that cares so much. YOU make a difference. Thank you.

Are you doing anything on this issue?

We would LOVE to know.    Share it with us, and we will share it all over the place.   If it’s something we can also get involved in, we will!    If you have a suggestion or idea, pass it along!   There is power in numbers, so let’s join together.   Contact us!

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