Water in the Winter

Many animal owners believe the myth that as long as clean snow is available to outside domestic, and wild, animals, that they don’t need fresh water.

This myth has led to many winter deaths from dehydration.  Licking ice and snow does NOT combat dehydration.

ALL animals need water.  Drinkable water.  Not FROZEN.  NOT snow.

If you own a pet that you keep outside in the winter weather, they need access to fresh water, daily.

If you cater to wildlife in the winter, feeding the birds is great, but keeping fresh water available for them is WONDERFUL.

An easy way to provide fresh, not frozen water in the winter? A heated birdbath.  Although the water will need to be changed and replenished (it will evaporate), a heated birdbath will provide warm water all year around, and since you can place it on a hard surface on the ground, it is easily accessible by all creatures great and small.  Average cost? About $60.  A lifesaving investment for many animals who would not have access to water in the winter anywhere else.

Do YOU know someone who keeps their pets outside in the winter? Check on them.

Do YOU *see* an animal being kept outside? Better safe than sorry for that animal; if you’re not sure of that animal’s safety in the elements, call your local authorities so someone can come and check.  Make sure someone comes. You may be saving a life.


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