Panda Paws Rescue

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Panda Paws Rescue is devoted to helping animals that were once homeless, abused or neglected.

Thanks to this organization, a boxer puppy named Duncan Lou Who has a new outlook on life.

After being born with severely deformed rear legs and pelvis, doctors claimed that corrective surgery wasn’t an option for Duncan Lou Who. Instead of losing hope, the team at Panda Paws Rescue chose to have the puppy’s hind legs amputated. This decision proved to be lifesaving, and thanks to their love and continued support, Duncan Lou Who has relearned to walk and run!

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This is a fantastic example of the good work being done by Panda Paws Rescue.  Check them out!

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5 thoughts on “Panda Paws Rescue
  1. Avatar Kyle W

    I like that your website is something that (hopefully) will make people think. Thank you for permitting me to comment!

  2. Avatar Dennis C.L.

    I have actually heard of this organization because they originated in my town. Every cause is a good cause when it comes to fighting for our animals. PS – I enjoy your website and have bookmarked it, and shown it to my girlfriend.

  3. Avatar Mark L.

    Great site! This is the type of info that is meant to be shared across the net. And I’m glad that I came across it. As you say, here’s to animal support and advocacy (saw that on one of your Twitter posts). 🙂


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