Because Cruelty is Everywhere (from Janet)

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My husband and I were taking the scenic route to our destination, so we opted for the winding back-road lined with trees, and with the windows rolled down, accompanied by at least a dozen different bird songs to lead the way.

The road was quiet, except for the white rental van in front of us.

Big huge nature lovers, up ahead, on the shoulder, we were happy to see a baby skunk, slowly making his or her way from the shoulder back to the wooded area off the road.  Another two feet or so, and baby skunk would be off the road and under the safe cover of brush and trees.

In two horrible, awful seconds, however, peace turned to horror.

The white van in front of us actually changed direction, deliberately driving to that shoulder of the road, and hit that baby skunk.  They sped UP to do it.

The van took off, too fast to get a license plate.

We pulled over to baby skunk to see if there was something we could do, but the light in his/her eyes was no more. 

By the time we got back in the car, and sped up ourselves to look for the white van, it was gone. Too many turns-offs and places to stop. They could have been anywhere.  

We called 911, but all we could provide was the description of the van, and the direction we saw it last go. Sigh.

Such a wonderful, tiny life, snuffed out because of the cruel whim of someone in a vehicle – doing something unthinkable just because they could.

Even if you can’t prevent something awful from happening ALL the time, there will be many times that you WILL be able to JUST DO SOMETHING about it.

  • So please, a reminder to keep your eyes  and ears open, and never for one moment think that someone else will take the time to stop to help. One day it might just be YOU to come to the aid of an animal in need, and in that moment, you are the ONLY hope for that one animal. 
  • That includes animals left in hot cars, and/or those tied outside without shelter or water. Speak UP, and DON’T LEAVE until help comes.
  • It matters to that animal.

Such a sad, short story, that hopefully makes you stop and think, and remember.

Remember that there are many cruel people, doing many cruel things, every day. Because sadly, cruelty IS everywhere.

Do your part, where and when you can. It really matters.

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