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Wild animals captured and made to perform circus tricks.

Dogs against dogs and cockerels against cockerels; forced to fight to the death.

Horses and dogs raced until they are worn out; their monetary value gone.

All of this in the name of entertainment.

These examples are but a few of the countless exploitive practices that have all been classified by many as ‘entertainment’. Release is a non-profit foundation, which campaigns to raise awareness around the suffering of animals used in entertainment. Its goal is to educate the public about the horrors that animals suffer for the pleasure of humans and to encourage people to boycott any industries that use animals for entertainment. Our aim is to live in a world where animals no longer suffer at the hands of humans and where our pleasure comes secondary to their pain.

A polar bear has one million times less space in a zoo than it does in the wild.

Through the use of Twitter, Facebook, websites, leaflets, stickers and posters, Release is spreading the word. Rather than visiting the zoo, why not visit a local ecology centre? Or the Natural History museum? Or watch a wildlife documentary? These are all far more educational than watching no-longer-wild animals pacing and rocking behind walls of glass and bars. How about donating money to conservation? Or adopting an animal? Protecting animals in their natural habitat is, of course, far more beneficial to their species overall. Attend circuses with only human performers; bet on sports with only human participants; watch boxing or UCF; or go scuba diving to witness sea-life. There are many forms of enjoyable entertainment which do not require animal participants and there are plenty of peaceful and non-detrimental ways to interact with and learn about animals.

In marine parks, many orcas do not live past the age of ten, yet in the wild they can live for decades.

We believe that if the majority of people become aware of the abuse that goes on, they will no longer be willing to support and perpetuate it. Of course there are those who are fully aware of the abuse. Those who participate in and profit from the practices are unwilling to recognise the suffering, since they will then be out of pocket. However, we believe that the majority of people see past profit. Their compassion triumphs over greed. These are the people we need to stand up and speak out against these practices. These are the people we need to give their voice to the voiceless.

These are the people that have the power to Release the animals from their suffering.

Spread the word.

Eleanor Hunt is the Founder of
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