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The Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

When you are looking to bring a new, adopted dog into your home, please think about our older dogs.

It is tempting to adopt a puppy because, well, how can you resist a puppy? But, if you stop to think about it, there are a lot of advantages in adopting an older dog. And, wouldn’t that make you feel even better that you gave an older dog a home?

Below are five reasons why senior dogs are easier to manage and should be adopted!

1. Older dogs are more predictable

Older dogs tend to be more predictable in their behavior patterns. You usually see what you get. While an adopted or older dog might be shy or timid, their behavior patterns are generally set and they tend to be more settled. With proper love and care, a shy dog can easily adapt into a warm and happy dog. Yet, with a puppy, they have has so much growing up to do that their behavior is less predictable in the short term.

2. Don’t you love your sleep?

With younger puppies, the likelihood of their sleeping through the night is slim to none. Their bladders are not fully developed and can usually last only four hours before they need to be let out of the house. However, with an older dog, the chances are pretty high that you can get a full night’s sleep.

3. Older dogs tend to be housetrained

When you adopt an older dog, there tends to be a lot less ‘clean up’ from the start. It is common knowledge that puppies go through the housebreaking process and will most likely leave their little marks all over the house. And, most puppies, are teething and like to play a little rougher so who knows what they will eat or chew.

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With an older dog, they are usually house trained and less likely to rip up your furniture since they don’t have that abundant energy and have already been through that phase of their life. Don’t get me wrong; older dogs come with their own set of issues and/or old habits, but they are almost always housebroken.

4. Older dogs are easier to train

While some older dogs are a little set in their ways, most are easier to train. The older dogs are more relaxed and have a greater attention span. Therefore, they look and listen more readily. Think of taking an older dog on a walk opposed to a puppy. The puppy is all over the place and excited running back and forth whereas an older dog is less likely to run off and ignore you.

5. Older dogs are less likely to be adopted

The most important reason to adopt an older dog is that they are usually in the shelter longer. Most puppies are the first to go and the easiest to adopt. Therefore you are not only giving the dog a new home, but sparing him or her for life in a kennel or even worse. And, older dogs will so appreciate the benefits of a new, loving family whereas a puppy doesn’t yet know the difference. You and your older doggy will be the better for it!

There are so many reasons to adopt an older or senior dog, so please try to be open-minded when you are looking for a new dog for your home!

Lisa Fimberg is the owner of, a pet social network that is like Facebook for pets. She also writes weekly articles on pet care and pet advice. Lisa is a huge advocate of adopting pets.

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