Guest Blogger, Melissa Norbeck – Faculty Advisor of Animal Advocates

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The Animal Advocates club of Gloucester County College began in September of 2010. Gloucester County College is located in Sewell which is South Jersey. As an instructor at the college, I started Animal Advocates because there wasn’t already an animal rights club on campus. I figured there had to be students who’d be interested in this type of club. So far, I’ve had a good amount of interest and positive feedback!

However, we’re always looking for new members and new ideas!

The club’s mission is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and to promote animal kindness. The Animal Advocates club members have done this in various ways which include organizing or attending events, holding collection drives for animal shelters, raising & donating money, protesting at animal cruelty events (Ringling Bros. Circus and No-fur), adopting wild animals to help with legislations, signing & sharing petitions, blogging, showing ways to help or get involved, sharing information, and by giving away free materials.

Animal Advocates of GCC uses Facebook as a way to spread awareness about many varieties of animal cruelty and to promote animal kindness. We post and share information, petitions, and facts; give ways to help; share vegan/vegetarian recipes; and much more. You can find and “Like” our Facebook page: Gloucester County College Animal Advocates Club.

We also have a blog that can be found at: We encourage people to share our blog with others and to comment on the posts. The only way things will really change is if people know about the atrocities that occur and tell others. Progress is made every day, so there is hope yet!

An Advocacy & Earth Day event is planned for Thursday, April 24th p.m. in the College Center on campus. We’re expecting several organizations to join us in raising awareness about alternatives to some of the cruel methods that are currently being used. There will also be information about pet adoption, the environment, and more! We are inviting people to stop by the college to get some free stuff, talk, learn, and have some fun.

Animals depend on us for many things, and as human beings, we are obligated to protect and take care of them. When we stop the suffering and killing of animals, we can then begin to restore humanity.

Melissa Norbeck
Faculty Advisor of Animal Advocates

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