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When it comes to Animal Cruelty Awareness, there are so many issues that we all could go on about. Today I want to talk about Pitbull & Animal Cruelty Awareness in Massachusetts, and how my Animal Rescue helps our community better understand these beautiful animals. I will add educational tips that you can pass on to your friends and community along with information on how you can recognize and report animal cruelty/dog fighting. The issues I am presenting are global, however I am focusing your attention on my home state – Massachusetts. Yes, it ALL happens here too.

Pitbulls in Massachusetts are no different from Pitbulls any other state or country. If you don’t already know this, Pitbull is not a breed of dog at all! Pitbull is a crossbreed between a bulldog and a terrier. Other breeds that are ‘labeled’ as pit bulls are the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier just to name two. You will hear some say “it’s a pitbull” because it has certain physical characteristics such as a square shaped head or bulky body type. Whatever you want to call these beautiful animals, remember they are dogs, not monsters.

How did such a beautiful specimen of intelligence, strength, loyalty, athleticism, energy, love and caring become known as monster and danger to MA society?

Pitbulls are not born to attack or fight. Because of their eagerness to please their humans, pitbulls are easy to train.  When put in the hands irresponsible owners or trainers they are molded into a dangerous weapon used against people or other dogs. This is all human training and doing. I’m not saying that all pitbulls never have behavioral issues; I’d be a liar. ALL BREEDS CAN HAVE ISSUES. But, we as humans have the ability to control the behavior of the animal. Responsible owners understand when to correct a bad behavior and what precautions need to be made in any event. Criminals and animal abusers thrive on the bad behavior for entertainment-dogfighting and the thrill of having a powerful weapon-trained animals to attack people.

This is what we read about. Pitbull Attacks. These headlines are the main cause of these animals being banned from certain areas, insurance companies discriminating against the breed, and for some of the abuse to Pitbulls from animal abusers who in their mind think that these animals deserve it and no one cares. We care! You should too.

Pitbulls are being bred, sold and raised by criminals in MA as you read this blog.  In August 2013, Puppy Doe, the pitbull puppy that was tortured and starved was found in Quincy.  Just in March 2014 a Dorchester man was arrested for operating a dog-fighting ring.

What can you do to help?

  • Educate yourself and others. Start with reading about Dog-fighting with this article here!!
  • Never report dog-fighting or animal abuse videos or social media pages/websites to the internet companies hosting these sites. Why? Because if these criminals get one clue or tip that they are noticed, they will run and move to another location. If that happens they are harder to find. Instead report to your local Animal Control Officer, Police Department and to Norred & Associates (refer to www.just-do-something’s other Guest Blog post on this.)
  • You can anonymously report suspected cases of animal cruelty by phone 1.877.215.2250. A reward of up to $5,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a dog fighter.

Always remember not every dog that is trained to fight is a pitbull type dog nor are they always the fighting dog. Bait dogs or bait animals (cats) are not used for fighting – they are use to get the fighting dogs in an aggressive ‘primal’ state of mind. These animals can be stolen from (examples) families or shelters, and/or found on FREE ANIMAL sites like Craigs List. FREE is NOT GOOD!

How does DARL help?

  • We offer educational workshops,and  information packets to those who want to know more about how to help stop Animal Cruelty and Dog-fighting in our community.

Our rescue is involved in helping these animals get medical attention, training and a chance to get into a caring home that is suitable for their needs. Our rescue joins community events to help spread the awareness to thousands of people every year. Public speaking, writing letters, and fundraising is all volunteer work. Most of these animals would not do well in a shelter situation so we provide a limited foster care program for these animals.

You can help us!

* Volunteer

* Foster

* Help spread the word

Our information:

DARL_Daisy’sAnimalRescueLeague , Sterling, MA






Come say “hi” at the Whisker Walk on June 8th in Lancaster, MA! Bring your dog!


– Melissa Lee Prescott -Animal Advocate, President of DARL_Daisy’sAnimalRescueLeague, Representative for ADFC(Anti-Dogfighting Campaign) of MA, ABCDT(Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer) certified in several fields of FEMA and a proud owner of 2 beautiful Pitbull/mixes Zan and Angie who are DARL’s mascots.


Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You

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