Guest Blogger, Oana Sava (Romania)

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Ms. Sava and I connected via Twitter.  Because she is such a busy lady, and because she wanted to Guest Blog on our website, she suggested that I copy the information from her website, in her own words, and share them, here.

Sava’s Safe Haven non-governmental, non-profit Animal Welfare association was founded by Oana Sava since 2012, to end the suffering of dozens of animals from streets of Romania.

Even before building this shelter, the founder of refuge endeavored to help strays animals. Oana Sava, has fought to help the starve and ill dogs from streets offering them food , medical care and a place in her house.  

On 05th November  2012 , thanks the friends and animal lovers from everywhere, we was able to to put basis of a refuge.   

A field full of weeds was purchased in order to build a shelter. In just one week after land acquisition, everything took shape, being able to save some of the strays giving them a warmer winter, one full of love.   

Daily there have been improvements and new things to offer to the dogs a wonderful life and comfort in the refuge.  Step by step, refuge Sava’s Safe Haven has grown to host about 200 dogs , some cats and many birds.    The refuge was built thanks the friends that helped, there was no help from authorities or other organisations. And the charity is still working thanks donations!

The dogs for that refuge are being well treated getting more confident with people and other animals.They learn to be friendly and to share, we have 2 playgrounds specially designed to invite the dogs to play and run in safe.

No matter how hard it is to take care of a large number of animals their joy is above all . 

Many of these animals find their own home making this refuge proud , because is nothing more beautiful than to see your rescued dog happy in his own home . 

A most proud thing is to see one of Sava’s rescued dog winning in competitions for agility and beauty.  

In this moment Sava’s Safe Haven has volunteers around the World that are proud to support this special charity. Thanks to them,  Sava’s Safe Haven grown and still is growing saving more and more animals from agony! 

Please take a moment to read more about Sava’s Safe Haven.  Sharing their endeavors can help.

Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You


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2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger, Oana Sava (Romania)
  1. Avatar Laura

    I am very proud to say that I know the creator of this website. It never ceases to amaze me that Janet would know someone in Romania who is also involved in animal advocacy and welfare. Despite whatever else is going on, Janet always (ALWAYS) takes part of every day to (in her words) JUST DO SOMETHING to better the lives of animals in need. Janet, you inspire me (and others I know) to make the world a better place. Keep doing it, girl.

  2. Avatar Deborah J. L.

    Just wish to say this article is eye-opening for me. I have many Twitter connections, but no-one from overseas. I think that many people, no matter how deeply they care about animal welfare issues, probably do not have a clue that so much abuse and neglect goes on outside of only what they read or think they know.

    I like that you bring awareness to many different support issues, from all over the world – especially in your petition sharing through Twitter and LinkedIn. All of it is so hard to read about, but you are right, WE make the difference, so we MUST CONTINUE to do so.

    We need more of YOU in the world. You really are inspiring.

    Thanks one million and please continue the gratifying work.


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