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I started Shop for your Cause as a way to help small non-profits raise much needed money, as well as create a platform where highly engaged Member’s could help influence the world around them. After fundraising for the world’s largest environmental NGO – the World Wildlife Fund – I knew that there had to be new and innovative ways to help other, smaller, non-profits fundraise.

Animal Advocacy Blog Picture Janet Bovitz Sandefur is an online affinity shopping mall, click-to-donate, and activist site. We help the every day consumer influence their favorite cause with each purchase they make at thousands of large retail stores. We also allow people to take daily actions, such as clicking for their cause. Each daily click to one of our webpages raises two pennies for their favorite charity. Aside from ways to fundraise, our Member’s can sign petitions, take pledges, and follow our blog to help positively influence the world around them. Animal rights and environmental organizations inspire most of our actions, but we want people to be able to help any cause they care about.

I have personally rescued many animals and am an avid outdoorsman, so I am able to spend my days helping influence the world around me in ways that I truly am passionate and care about. It is nice knowing that there is a large group of people who want to engage in causes that mean something to them.

I encourage everyone to use Shop for your Cause and help positively influence the world around them via their daily actions.

– Rob Smith
   Founder and CEO

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Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You Janet Bovitz Sandefur




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