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During my childhood, I cared for hamsters, rabbits, and dogs. I remember reading about dog breeds and dog behavior in my spare time during college and during summer breaks from law school.

After graduating from Law School and obtaining a job doing what I thought I wanted to do – which was to practice maritime law – I felt unfulfilled. I thought having a child would fulfill me, until a couple of my friends with children suggested that I get a dog instead of having a child.

After thinking about their suggestion, I decided to adopt an American Eskimo dog named Kain, from Eskie Rescuers United. Caring for Louis Luigi, formerly known as Kain, awakened my passion for animals—especially those of the canine variety.

I began honoring my passion for animals by studying laws, legislation, and policies impacting animals as well as studying dog, wolf, coyote, and fox behavior. I served on boards of organizations dealing with animal issues as well as volunteering to walk, train, and socialize dogs at an animal shelter, which enhanced my knowledge of legal, policy, and legislative issues facing animals in the United States. To address those challenges, I recently launched Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC.

Animal Advocacy Blog Picture Janet Bovitz Sandefur of Stacey giving a presentation with award-winning journalist David Grimm at a Museum of  Maritime Pets event)

Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC (HSB) is a business dedicated to making a positive social and animal-friendly impact by promoting animal health, the human-canine bond, sound wildlife conservation and sound wildlife management, with a focus on dogs and their wild canine relatives. See

Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC (HSB) makes a positive social and animal-friendly impact in three ways:

  1. HSB empowers nonprofits, scientists, and veterinarians to advocate effectively resulting in laws and policies promoting animal health, the human canine bond, and sound conservation and management of wildlife through advocacy training and strategic counsel;
  2. HSB educates nonprofits, scientists, and veterinarians about animal related laws, policies, and issues; and
  3. HSB empowers people to have great experiences with dogs through coaching and education.

Services Humane Strategies, Benefit LLC provides include the following:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Drafting Legislative Testimony
  • Reviewing Legislative Testimony
  • Legislative and Policy Analysis
  • Advocacy Training
  • Human-Canine Bond Coaching
  • Public Speaking on Animal Related Laws, Policies, and Issues

For more information read about our Services at Humane Strategies, and visit us on Facebook.

Contributed by Stacey Evans, Animal Welfare Leader, Attorney, Government Affairs Expert

Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You Janet Bovitz Sandefur


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