Happy Birthday to my Husband (from Janet)

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I am blessed in many ways. It’s the reason for my many blessings that I am able to advocate in all the ways I do to save and better the lives of animals in need.

Advocating is a difficult passion. It’s hard, exhausting, emotionally tiring, a time-stealer, and many times, the call to help is not on  your schedule.

Advocating is also one of the very bests part of me.

In my journey of advocating, I have spoken with people from all over the world who have similar ideals, goals, and passions. During more than one conversation (and I have had hundreds), the topic has come up of how advocating affects family life.  There are many passionate individuals just like me who told me that they have had to limit their time and efforts in Animal Welfare because it was negatively impacting their spouse or partner.

That just floored me.  

With so many roadblocks in advocating, it greatly saddened me to hear that many individuals were getting similar treatment on the home-front.   

In part, I get it. Advocating, and all the comes with that, takes TIME. Sometimes it takes more time than we have in a day, a week, a weekend. It can mean using spare time, or time from/after work, to finish those calls or e-mails, meet that person, or  – literally, go save a life.

I guess if your spouse or partner does not feel the same passion, or his/her views on animals is different, or they simply dislike having to share your time (jealously and feeling left out/ignored comes to mind) – then things on a personal level can become conflicted and even get nasty.  I have heard a few really awful stories.

However, if your partner does not feel the same passion – but understand yours, or his/her views on animals is different – but you’re helping to save and better lives and that’s recognized, or if they simply dislike having to share your time – but have hearts big enough to work around that; then your relationship, from an advocacy standpoint is pretty golden.

My relationship is pretty golden.  

And, when it comes to my endeavors:

Despite the nights and weekends when we are two ships passing in the night because of my endless running for animals, we are golden.

Despite the times he finds me crying at the computer because of the horrible things I read, see and share for animals in need, we are golden.

Despite the times I need to talk something out because I am upset, angry and frustrated over an abuse/neglect situation, we are golden.

Despite the hours I spend worrying over an animal that I cannot get to or trap, we are golden.

And, when he so adventurously offers and accompanies me when I go to the aid of an animal in need, we are golden.

I think loving someone, really loving them, means also being open and big hearted enough to be able to embrace your partners’ passions, goals and endeavors, even if they are something you don’t share or completely understand. You can still support and encourage – and yes, be there – for your partner, even if you need to keep some distance because you want or need to. Committing to someone also means you are willing to be a testament to your partner’s story and experiences, even if they are not in sync with yours.  

My husband really loves me. But he was a loving, big hearted, kind soul long before we met. I think his heart just grows bigger each year.

And I’m glad, so glad, his heart grows bigger for me every year.

James, I love you so. Thank you for every moment, every way you love me.

And thank you for supporting me with one of the very best parts of me – my advocating.  You don’t have to support me, which makes it all the more special.

So happy to be so golden with you.

Happy Birthday.  xo

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