Our First Blog Post

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What better way to have a blog geared towards animal support and advocacy, than to ask other advocates and supporters to submit a blog of their own to post on this site.

We think “blog sharing” is a great way to broaden awareness across location boundaries, show that it is possible to be united together for animal welfare issues despite the distance between us, and spread the word about great people doing great things – all in the name of animal support and advocacy.

Please check back soon.

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2 thoughts on “Our First Blog Post
  1. Avatar Richard Schwartz

    Kudos Janet for this wonderful effort.

    I wish you much success,

    If we want a decent world for future generations we have to all just do something every day.



  2. Avatar The Pig Preserve

    I have never been a blogger…not even sure what a blogger is. But, if it helps the animals and raises awareness, I’ll learn……Of course a couple of years ago I didn’t know what facebook was….until my grandson showed me. Now it is one of the primary ways we get the word out about rescues and the need for special funds for special rescues. I guess old dogs really can learn new tricks.

    I am in a unique position since I am the director of a 100-acre pig sanctuary. We have operated a sanctuary for over 20 years…first in VA and now in TN. I will be interested to see who else joins the blog and what a wide variety of interests and backgrounds jump in and share………

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