If You See It, Say It (from Janet)

Animal Advocacy Blog Animal Welfare janet Bovitz sandefur just-do-something.org“I couldn’t do what  you do, it’s too hard.’

“I wouldn’t want to think about something that makes me so sad”.

“Why bother, its just going to die anyway.”

“That’s gross.”

“Animals aren’t my thing”.

“It’s just an animal.”


Personally, a person’s misguided opinion of my endeavors to help save or better life doesn’t impact me. I honestly don’t care if you want to help, or that you can’t see something my way, or that you don’t understand my passion, or that you can’t handle hearing about the things I see or do.  I’m going to do this no matter what you say, and I do.

But here’s something that does impact me – to the point of tears.

A story first.

I’m not feeling my best. I’m hot, I’m tired, and I don’t feel well. I am driving home from work and wondering if I will get home safely because I am slightly dizzy. But then I see him, or her. A tiny field mouse. In the middle of rush-hour traffic, at a four-way stop. Maybe no-one else sees him/her, or maybe they are in too much of a hurry to stop. But … I always – ALWAYS – stop. So, out of my car I go, waving cars to slow down, as I try to help this little mouse get off the road and onto the grassy side. You would think one small mouse running around on blacktop would be easy to corral into a simple direction – but it’s not. What makes it even harder is that my balance is off, so as the mouse is weaving all over the place, so am I. Nonetheless, fifteen – FIFTEEN – minutes later, I have successfully herded this little guy (or gal) to the side of the road, into a grassy patch away from the cars. I wait a little while to make sure that this mouse is not coming back into the road again.  As I am getting back into my car, a man pulls up beside me. He says, “you are one of the kindest people I have ever not met”. And then he thanks me for taking the time to help that little mouse out of the road.

I smile, and blow it off  with an “it’s nothing; I am always happy to help an animal in need”. But we both know, it IS something, and it’s wonderful and yeah, I am sort of kind like that.

And that’s when I get teary. Alone, in my car, kindness recognized by a complete stranger for me helping an animal in need. That is a day maker.

I still don’t feel well.  But yet, I feel terrific just the same.

When YOU see someone helping an animal in need, that’s a wonderful thing. We don’t NEED to hear it, but you will rock someone’s world just by saying thank you. So if YOU see it, say it. Give someone an unexpected day maker.

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One thought on “If You See It, Say It (from Janet)
  1. Avatar Randy

    Thank you for saving that mouse. Just as importantly, you showed the other drivers what they should have done. Your caring heart helps more than you can ever know. Really it does.


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