It Hurts To Lose A Champion (From Janet)

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It’s a fact of life. Every living being dies. And whether they are two-legged or four, passings are deeply felt and loss greatly impacts.

Is one loss more important than another? No. Although, in the Animal Advocacy world, some losses can be more impacting.

This past week, Ambassador Amy Deosaran passed away. Even in Animal Welfare circles, her passions may not have been familiar to everyone.

But that’s okay. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that this was an individual completely devoted to saving and bettering the lives of animals. She was making a difference.

Every day hundreds of thousands of individuals champion in some form or another to save and better the lives of animals.

The world is a big one, and it would be wonderful to have Animal Advocates in every tiny, quiet corner of the world where silently, daily, animals are suffering at the hands of other humans. Sadly, so sadly, we don’t have that – yet.

But what we do have, in every country, are people just like Amy, just like me, just like YOU, championing for animals every opportunity we get.

And that’s the point: EVERY OPPORTUNITY WE GET.

How many opportunities DO we get to save or better a life, before our own number of opportunities expire?

No-one knows.

But here’s what we DO know:

  • Everyone has opportunities.
  • Everyone has the option on how to use those opportunities.
  • Everyone can JUST DO SOMETHING.

There is so much abuse and neglect. So much. So when we lose a true champion for the animals, not only does that impact the Animal Advocacy community, it impacts the animals that were being championed for.

It takes time to fill in that loss with other Animal Advocates. And time isn’t always on the side of those animals waiting for relief, for hope…for us.

So, how many opportunities DO we get to save or better a life, before our own number of opportunities expire?

No-one knows.

Which makes it even more important to not waste the opportunities YOU have, every day, to save or better the lives of animals in need.

  • Be a champion
  • How you act on YOUR opportunities matter
  • Where there may be no opportunity, CREATE one.
  • Make an impact, and when the day comes when you can no longer champion, make your loss worth it.
  • Be remembered for something absolutely amazing.

JUST DO SOMETHING. Every day.Animal Advocacy Founder signature Janet Bovitz Sandefur


Animal Advocacy logo Janet Bovitz Sandefur


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