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For those of you who are connected to me in the fight for animals, you know that I don’t share too much about my personal life through any of our social media platforms associated with my site,

I do this for the main reason that this, my endeavors in Animal Advocacy and Welfare, is my ONLY focus, my ONLY goal for helping animals in need. Plus, I simply don’t find much in my personal life that trumps saving or bettering the life of an animal in need worth talking about on social media to the world.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, life outside of my endeavors comes rushing up and smacks into me in such a way that I cannot ignore it, push it aside, or find time for too much else.

And this is one of those sometimes.

And so, today, I am personally sharing, not knowing until after I share whether it was a good idea, or a poor one.

For two reasons: #1 I always want my name to be associated just with helping animals in need, and #2, I am very, very private.

But here I go.

In the last six months, we have had some family medical issues that have been pretty serious.

Fast forward to last week – my Mom had a stroke.

My attempts at being a glass half-full individual have been challenged a lot, especially in the last year.  I am always being challenged on many levels when it comes to the horrible, absolutely vile things I see, hear and read about in Animal Welfare. And on a personal level, our family is facing a few challenges that would even make a saner person feel just a little more crazier than normal.

My normal is being passionate about my endeavors in Animal Welfare.  So, what also makes me feel crazy is when I am unable to devote myself to helping animals in need when other aspects of my life get in the way.

So this is one of those times when I am going full steam ahead with and for my family, and only half-steaming on the Animal Welfare front. And this leaves me feeling a bunch of things that I would rather not feel.

The not so surprising thing about me is that I usually put animals before people.  So, it surprises me that right now, I don’t have the extra energy to devote to much else except being on the home front, which is exactly where I need to be.

There are many days (MANY days) where I wish I could have a clone or two of me to get by and get done all the things I need and want to do. But wishing isn’t working.

So, for a little while, my e-mails will pile, my requests for signs and shares will be sporadic, and my posts will be a little less.

Life really stinks for me personally sometimes. But still, we are blessed because it could be so much worse. Ah, there’s that glass half-full thinking again!

So even during this past week, every day – EVERY day – I am still mindful of making a difference in the life of an animal in need, and I know that for every moment I am not moving forward on those goals, there is someone else out there who is making the effort to JUST DO SOMETHING.

How wonderful it would be if for every day that I am silent on social media, someone is making a ruckus for an animal in need. I would like to think so. Maybe it’s YOU tonight, in my place.

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