Little Things Mean A Lot (from Janet)

Animal Advocacy Blog Picture Janet Bovitz Sandefur just-do-something.orgMany times, people don’t always think about their actions.

You see a smoldering cigarette butt on the ground, you step on it to put it out. And then you keep walking.

A piece of trash blows across your lawn, you bend down to pick it up. And then you keep walking.

A baby is crying in the shopping cart, so as you pass by, you wiggle your fingers and smile a friendly hello. And then you keep walking.

And, if an animal in need is lucky enough to be noticed:

  • You make that call to 911 or Animal Control on your way to work.
  • You peek out your window to see if they finally brought their pet inside from the rainy weather.
  • You take another walk back to the car in that parking lot where someone left animal inside on a really hot day.
  • You take a walk to your neighbor’s house to pet that dog left on a chain 24/7.
  • You bring treats to your local animal shelter to help brighten a day.
  • You stop by the side of the road to check on that animal that was hit by a car.
  • You put food and water out for that stray cat hanging around your house that everyone else is ignoring.
  • You share the post about an animal needing to be adopted or else s/he will be euthanized.

And then you keep walking.

You can do A LOT of little things to help an animal in need, as you keep walking.

Hopefully, you just don’t walk on by, but rather, you JUST DO SOMETHING also.

It matters.

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