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Have you ever zoomed by another vehicle that has stopped on the side of the road? Most times, people are in such a hurry that they don’t take the time to stop and wonder why someone is pulled over.  And, those that do take a moment to ponder that, never guess that perhaps it’s because they have either just hit an animal with their vehicle or have come upon an animal that someone else hit but didn’t stop.

Why it is that everyone has first aid kits in their homes and in their workplaces for PEOPLE, but rarely have first aid kits for animals? Why would someone take the time to learn first aid care for people, but not for animals?

It’s shameful the numbers of people that hit an animal, or come upon an injured animal at the hands of another driver, and NO-ONE stops.  No-one.

Why wouldn’t someone stop?

Sometimes this is because they think that the car “must have” killed it, so there is no sense in stopping.

Sometimes this because the animal has been knocked unconscious, so s/he looks dead already.

Sometimes this is because they think someone else will stop.

Sometimes this is because they fear punishment for injuring or killing an animal with their vehicle.

Sometimes this because they don’t know what to do for or with an injured animal.

Sometimes this is because they just can’t take it knowing they are responsible.

Sometimes this is because they are afraid.

Sometimes this is because they think “it’s just an animal”.

Sometimes this is because they simply don’t care.

These reasons are unacceptable. NO excuse is acceptable.

Animals are sentient beings.  Not sure what the definition of sentient is? Look it up.

Anyone who thinks it is perfectly acceptable or simply “okay” to turn their back on ANY living being in need has a screw loose. Which explains one reason why our world is such a mess; we have a lot of loose screws in it. A lot.

Coming to the aid of an animal in need shouldn’t be something that we have to think about. It should be something automatic in us; something deep – that inner voice that you hear whether things around you are quiet or not. That gut feeling that compels you to do the very right thing, no matter what. That thing you call a conscience. That trait we call Humanity. That character called Humane.

So, what should you do if you see a car stopped on the side of the road?
Simply put, pull over and see if things are all right.
For a human or an animal  – that is just the very right thing to do.

How can you help if an animal has been hit by a vehicle?
First, always help.
There are over a million results available on the Internet for tips and suggestions on animal first aid kits and how to help an injured animal. It is up to you to decide what you will keep in your car, and how best you can help. It doesn’t take much effort to educate oneself on the A B C’s of roadside assistance when it comes to animals injured by cars.

How much effort will YOU take to JUST DO SOMETHING?

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