The Hero In You (from Janet)

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Pick a day, any day.  EVERY day is a difficult day for someone. It doesn’t matter if that someone is human, or a four-legged being. Every day, every where, someone is suffering, dealing with something. No-one is immune to “something”.

Many days, no-one else may know the reason for someone else’s difficult day, unless the pain is obvious, seen and others are made aware.

Today has been a difficult day. You only need to look at the calendar to know why. Sometimes there just aren’t any good ways to make a difficult day better – until you meet a hero.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Sometimes they appear out of nowhere, and sometimes it’s someone you already know who you know will just be there when and if needed.

Heroes don’t need capes. They don’t need special powers. And they don’t need recognition, popularity or applause.

Actually, ANYONE can be a hero. All it takes is compassion, the desire to do right, and the courage to act on that desire – no matter what.

Because sometimes being a hero is scary. Being a hero means that from time to time, you will find yourself doing things outside of your comfort zone as you put someone else’s well-being ahead of your own.

Because sometimes being a hero is overwhelming. Being a hero means that sometimes you need to make tough choices that literally take the breath out of you, even when you know that you are doing the very right thing.

Because sometimes being a hero is lonely. Being a hero means that occasionally you are going to stand alone, steadfast in your convictions, no-matter what anyone else says or does to deter you.

Yup, being a hero can be tough and thankless. But a true hero doesn’t care about that.

A true hero knows the worth of his/her actions, and what it means to carry them out.  Knowing that you have selflessly risen above yourself, above others, to make a difference, to alleviate pain and fear, to comfort and protect, to speak up for and defend those that cannot speak or defend themselves – there is no better feeling to know that because of your actions, you have saved or bettered a life.

Being a hero isn’t just about the grandiose acts of valor and courage either.

Being a hero also means championing where and when you can to make a difference no matter what the roadblock or emotion. There are millions of heroes who do just that, every day.

How can you be a hero for animals every day?

  • Speak up
  • Spread awareness
  • Share information
  • Educate others when an opportunity presents itself
  • Take action
  • Stay alert

The world needs every hero it can get.  NO effort is ever wasted when it comes to saving or bettering the life of an animal in need.

So, go be a hero – right now. And don’t stop. Why? Because it matters.

Here’s to the hero in YOU.

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  • #Spring is here, but it's still cold out. In fact, in #WNY, it's snowing today. Help where and when you can. It matters. #ROC Pinned: 27 Apr 2019
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