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From our friends across the water!

FOUR PAWS recent media coverage in the Daily Mail  has highlighted the growing problem of pedigree puppy farming across Eastern Europe to supply the UK market. The expose shines a spotlight on the conditions in these breeding farms for both the breeding dogs and their puppies.

 On puppy farms, breeding bitches will often spend their entire lives in poor living conditions, being used as breeding machines to produce litter after litter for profit. They are kept in dark sheds, basements, outbuildings, confined in small pens and fed on poor diets. Production costs are kept low to ensure that both the breeders and dealers make big profits. Puppies are torn away from their mothers at a young age, often as young as 4 weeks old. This early separation makes the puppies prone to both behavioural and health problems. The puppies are then transported hundreds of miles across Europe with fake health and passport documents. They are either sold direct over the internet or onto UK dealers who collect the puppies from car parks near the port or motorway and sell them on as homebred.

 FOUR PAWS launched an online platform in order to raise awareness about illegal puppy trade and to offer a contact point for concerned members of the public who wish to report a suspected illegal puppy trader. Besides providing useful information on the issue, the website offers a tool for duped buyers who wish to share their experience. FOUR PAWS is calling for tighter import regulations and for EU wide regulations for the registration, vaccination and identification of all dogs by microchip.

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Get in touch with us if you have any information or are concerned about a breeder:

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