Water Can Hurt And Kill (From Janet)

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If you have a dog, at some point, you have played at the pond, the beach, the river, the ocean, the stream, the lake, the dog park or the backyard pool.  The joy that many dogs get from romping in water is fun to watch, and even more fun if you decide to, literally, jump in also!

It’s halfway through Summer, and already Western New York has seen temperatures in the 90’s more than once in one week, and many counties in Western New York are on a drought watch. Super hot temperatures and lack of water negatively impact everything from to lawns to crops.  Obviously humans and domestic animals alike are also feeling the heat.  Wildlife can succumb to the effects of heat and drought if a water source isn’t available.

It makes sense that during these super hot, very dry weeks, that you’d want to take your four-legged family member out for some cool, refreshing water play – and you should!

The majority of dog owners are familiar with their pooch; they are aware of allergies, fears, what soothes, and key behaviors that tell them when their dog is feeling well versus not.

What many dog owners may not know is that playing in the water for an extended amount of time and/or even playing with water from a hose or sprinkler for long periods, has the potential to make a dog very ill, to the point of being fatal.

There are many good articles on the internet on Water Toxicity, otherwise known as Hyponatremia or Water Intoxication.  We liked this article, provided by Healthy Pets-Mercola.

If you have a dog, or know someone who does, take a moment to read up on this – because it’s important.

At some point, you may prevent or save your dog (or someone else’s four-legged family member) from this condition.

Don’t NOT take your dog for a swim!  Water play is refreshing, invigorating, great exercise, and so much fun!  Just keep in mind, like anything else, a healthy balance and a watchful eye is instrumental when it comes to being a responsible pet owner and a caring observer of others’ pets.

So, jump in, have fun, and play safe this summer!

Do you have any other water safety tips for pets? Share it with us, so we can share it with everyone else!

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  • #Spring is here, but it's still cold out. In fact, in #WNY, it's snowing today. Help where and when you can. It matters. #ROC Pinned: 27 Apr 2019
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