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There are hundreds of us out there.  Champions for animals in need from all walks of life, living life on different levels, in different time zones, of different nationalities.

Animals don’t care what color you are, or what kind of money you make, or even if you have money. So many of their lives are impacted by the addition, or deletion, of care and kindness from human beings.  Kindness: Such a simple thing. Such a powerful thing. So easy to give, and easier for some to take away.

For those that give – we do it in so many ways. Big or small, no effort is ever wasted when it comes to saving or bettering a life.

For many of us, it isn’t any effort at all to jump on the computer and, in between all the other things we do, take time to share and network for animals in need.  So many animals pass by our emails and various other social media accounts – the numbers of animals in need are staggering and sometimes it feels like shoveling shit against the tide. There aren’t enough hours in the day to help every animal who needs it. But there ARE enough hours in the day to help make a difference – and so we do.

Sometimes we don’t always know who gets saved versus who does not. So, when we do have that golden opportunity to actually be a part of a journey from beginning to end, it’s quite a magical feeling.

Do you remember Eloise?  Many people do, because of that one small Facebook post that came our way, and stuck with us.   Because we tirelessly, relentlessly networked for her from morning until night, every day – every day.  Too big of an effort for some – really. What does it take to hit the Share or Retweet button?

Sharing saves lives. Eloise is proof positive of that.

It has been wonderful watching Eloise go from shelter, to rescue, to her forever home.  The start of her journey was a difficult one – so many are. But Eloise, now lovingly renamed Sophie, has a home. She has security. She has safety. She has love. She has a family. No dog could ask for more. No dog should need to.

We may not talk about Eloise too much on social media any more. It’s not because I don’t think of her – because I do. It’s not because I don’t hear about her anymore – because I do. It’s not because I don’t love her – because I do.

It’s because Eloise is safe, and healthy, and happy. She no longer needs someone to make an effort for her life.

Eloise is living her life.

I recently received some more pictures of this happy, content and loved little lady. I think it’s important to show what sharing, tweeting, networking, calling and well, making an effort can actually do.  All efforts matter.  I am sure Eloise would agree.

JUST DO SOMETHING – it counted for Eloise, and it counts for all the other Eloises still waiting.

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