Because It Doesn’t Even Have To Take Love (from Janet)

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So, our agenda for this week’s blog was completely different.

But then, we spent three hours tonight reviewing Animal Petitions, updating ourselves on related news, reading related articles, looking at pictures, and going through our e-mail.

When it comes to Animal Welfare, it’s very rare that I come away from the computer or telephone feeling upbeat. Yes, there are animal related victories, and we are grateful and celebrate every one. But more often then not (so much more often), the things we learn, hear and share are horrendous.  And the most tragic thing about everything that we learn, hear and share is – it’s preventable.

Preventable? You bet. 

But it takes US.

And so many people aren’t listening or aware, or care. SO MANY.

A lot of what we learn, hear and share is preventable RIGHT NOW. 

And yes, there is a lot (a lot) that will take more time to change and prevent.

Unfortunately, the mentality of many people is that if they can’t immediate change a situation – or the world – on a grandiose scale, then any effort is not worth doing. So, many RIGHT NOW preventable situations are not having anything done about them, which is a shame.

We keep saying it – ANY effort to save or better the life of ANY animal is worth it. It doesn’t matter WHAT the effort.

And you know what? You don’t have to love animals to make something right. 

  • If you have a conscience
  • If you know the difference between right and wrong
  • If you know the difference between good and evil
  • If you can hear
  • If you can see
  • If you can speak


Maybe, if we ALL took a moment to JUST DO SOMETHING, we would have less horror to learn, hear and share, and more happy information to pass around.  

All it takes is YOU, US and WE.

So start somewhere. Make that effort. JUST DO SOMETHING.

Every day.

Because every day, so many animals are waiting. We know – because we have the Animal Petitions, related news, articles, pictures, and e-mails to prove it.

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