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What is Geomancy?

When I was introduced to Nicky Crocker it rang a bell but sounded a bit airy-fairy for my liking. But being the inquisitive person that I am (aka nosy) I decided to find out more about it.

I did some research and became fascinated by Ley Lines, Dragon Paths, Fairy Roads and Geopathic Stress Lines.

Remember in the Da Vinci Code how everything ran in lines, all the churches and significant buildings; how it all had meaning. That is the theory behind geomancy. The earth is criss-crossed with magnetic fields that surround it like a cobweb. These fields can be read by a geomancer.

Birds, animals and insects, are believed to use Ley Lines as a guide in their migrations across great distances, as presumably did early humans.

The earth has a natural electromagnetic field (Schuman Resonance), which is the same as our brain waves, of 7.83hz. As the fields pass around the earth they get distorted by underground streams and mineral deposits. Some of the Geopathic Stress Lines can measure up to 250hz which is the worst-case scenario and very harmful to humans and animals. Imagine the heat created by the movement of atoms; bacteria and parasites thrive in these hotter temperatures (150 – 180hz).

How does this affect our animals?

An Example: PET First Aid & Training moved into new premises in September 2014, one of our regular office members is Keira (Laura’s dog). We never thought much of it but Keira would not settle under Laura’s desk. She just could not sit still. Interestingly Laura has had repeated health problems, headaches, colds and now a shoulder injury.

I invited Nicky to our office to have a chat. While she was here she dowsed our office and found two Geopathic Stress Lines, one that ran straight through Laura’s desk and chair.

To locate these lines Nicky used dowsing rods. These are short, straight rods mounted on handles in such a way that the handle is stable but the rod may swing freely: they are held one in each hand, pointing forward to start.

All this was very interesting, but I still had doubts.

Nicky then bought out a Gaussmeter (a meter for measuring magnetic fields). This appealed to my cynical nature as we now had some science to test the theory with.

Before you go any further click on the link to have a look at this quick related video, it took my breath away and opened a whole series of questions.

The Gaussmeter shows the huge difference in the magnetic fields by Laura’s desk compared to mine. If you think about the difference in the speed that atoms move when they are in a high electrical field you start to understand why Keira would be uncomfortable under Laura’s desk.

A lot of animals will naturally avoid areas with Geopathic Stress Lines but if they are confined they do not have the option of moving away. Other animals are attracted to Geopathic Stress Lines and thrive on them because of the heat that is created by the rapid movement of atoms.

React positively: Cats, owls, snakes, bees, snails; even moss, bacteria and fungus. If you want a better honey production move your hive over a Geopathic Stress Line.

Take some time to watch your cat; where are they sleeping? We all know that cats like sunny warm spots like the window ledge. But what if they are sleeping in an area that you know that does not get any sun? I have concrete floors and one of my cats sleeps by the bookcase. No sun, concrete floor??? Not where I would want to sleep if I was a heat-seeking cat. Maybe there is a Geopathic Stress Line running through that part of my house?

React negatively: Humans, dogs, cattle, pigs, hens and sheep. So if your dogs don’t settle in an area, don’t put their bed there.

The example of Keira is very common and throughout history humans have used animals as a barometer for building. In Roman times they would corral sheep in an area that they were going to build; if the sheep did not settle or got ill they would not build there. But if the sheep settled, rested and stayed in good health they would build on that site.

The doors have been opened to so many questions!

Imagine being uncomfortable and potentially sleep deprived because your cage or enclosure is on a Geopathic Stress Line. Could this be part of the issue for the caged dog that has behaviour issues? Can we use geomancy to assist with behavioural issues they may occur due to Geopathic Stress Lines?

How about Zoo’s or any area where animals are contained? The pacing of the bored animals could it be more than boredom?

Could the detection of Geopathic Stress Lines help animal shelters and rehoming facilities ensure that the animals in their care are being kept in the least stressful environment? The happier the animal, the more chance we have of finding it a new home.

Where do we go from here?

After Nicky left we moved Laura’s desk and now Keira is happy to lie next to her mum all day.

I am intrigued, fascinated and hooked on geomancy.

– Joanna Clough
  Director at Pet First Aid & Training (New Zealand)
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Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You Janet Bovitz Sandefur



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