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Last Chance For Animals (LCA) undercover investigators are on the ground right now documenting China’s illegal dog meat trade. Due to their work, two notorious dog slaughterhouses in China’s Jilin province – Zhao Zhiyong and Wangyajun – were closed down. But this is just the beginning of the battle to save these helpless animals, and the slaughterhouses are already attempting to reopen in the cover of night.

With a team working full time in China, LCA is fighting to shut down these illegal and shockingly cruel slaughterhouses permanently.

The dogs are kidnapped from their backyards or from the streets, and transported in small cramped cages to illegal slaughter facilities. There, they are caged until it is their turn to die. Slaughterhouse workers beat the dogs with clubs and slice their throats; then the dogs are burned and boiled, sometimes while they’re still alive. Many of the dogs are too petrified by fear to run, hide, or make any sound. They just cower in corners helplessly. Those who do try to escape are left running from side to side of the pen as they’re chased down by slaughterhouse employees.

About 10 million dogs each year in China are killed for their meat, even though it’s technically illegal to slaughter dogs commercially (due to health codes). To stop these atrocities, LCA needs your help. Please sign the petition at, and spread the word about these brutal China dog slaughterhouses on your social media. Also please donate to LCA to help undercover investigators stay in the field to seek out and shut down these death camps.

To fully understand the severity of China’s dog slaughterhouses, and how desperately the dogs needs your help, please watch and share the video narrated by award-winning actress and activist Kim Basinger, viewable at

 – Nina Jackel
Nina is the Campaigns Director at Last Chance for Animals.
Please take a moment to check out LCA on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
You can contact Nina directly at (310) 271-6096 x30. 

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