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You can make a grand donation to an animal rights organization, but if you’re still wearing fur, eating steaks and using leaping bunny free cosmetics, what’s the point? Living consciously is far more effective than sparing the occasional dollar. So if you think you can’t help because you’re not a millionaire, you’re wrong! Change isn’t always synonymous with $$$…

Hollywood stars are always in the limelight for donating millions to various causes and whilst it does help, it sends out this message that you can only really make an impact if you’ve got bags of money and that’s not the truth. You can make a difference for animals every single day – without even spending a dime. Signing petitions, contacting legislators, changing your diet and leafleting cost nothing! Yet they’re so effective.

I’ve spoken with many people, through my work as a writer, who dedicate their lives to creating a better world for animals. These people aren’t rich. But they have compassion and that’s what motivates them to help. This is, essentially, why I started my blog, Respect and Connect to shine a light on ordinary people doing extraordinary things for animals.

Whether you turned vegetarian or vegan, volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary, or saved a homeless animal, everybody who has helped or is helping animals is welcome to share their personal story on Respect and Connect. This blog brings together people taking compassionate actions for animals and inspires readers to do the same. Whatever you are doing to help animals, Respect and Connect wants to hear about it! So please get in contact with us here to share your story.

– Respect and Connect is about inspirational stories of ordinary people doing good things to help animals

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Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You Janet Bovitz Sandefur

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