Guest Blogger, Sadie (Dog Survivor of Abuse)

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I am Sadie and I want you to know my story.

I was found in the mountains of Kentucky in April of 2012.  After having a litter of puppies, I was led up a mountain by my owner and was shot between the eyes and in the back and paralyzed.  Why did he have to do that? 

Please read on because my story is about an amazing journey! 

Kind people found me and took me to a doctor.  After a quick observation, somehow I was deemed still viable and was transported to a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin to live out my life.  I was urinary and fecally incontinent and I couldn’t walk. 

Not twenty four hours after I arrived, I was with a volunteer outside of the basement where I was being kept and this woman walked past me and asked what my story was.  This woman was not looking for another dog because she was only there to donate pillows and blankets.  When this woman found out what my story was, I was suddenly whisked up and put into an SUV where I was driven to doctors and given a grim prognosis.  The doctors urged this woman to do the kind thing……but she didn’t listen and instead took me home and put me into her garage with a nice bed with food and water for the night.  The next day, this woman took me to a holistic doctor, Dr. Jodie from the Animal Doctor who said that I should given a chance. THANK GOODNESS FOR DR. JODIE!  

So, my new life began in earnest. 

Fast forward to today:  I receive intensive rehabilitation every day including some form of acupuncture, aqua puncture, cranial sacral, chiropractic, e stim, Russian e stim, Far Infared Therapy, Power Plate, air splints, braces, swimming and a high protein diet with LOTS of supplements!  My mom (formerly called THAT WOMAN) has adopted me and the only way that my life could be any better would be if my legs were strong enough for me to stand and support myself.

That is only half of the story. 

I have been on the FRONT COVER of six major publications, multiple TV shows including the Lifetime Network, radio and international radio, I had a presence at the Oscars and the Academy Awards, I am scheduled to be on Animal Magnetism with Carolyn Henessy from General Hospital and I make personal appearances all over the area.  I am also the spokespuppy for GooFurr, which is a natural product that my mom mixes my pills in to make them taste delicious!

The message that I am sending is one of acceptance of people and animals who are disabled.  Children in wheelchairs especially love me because they can relate to one’s legs not being strong.

I also work on getting the laws against animal cruelty strengthened because with my signature photo (the one with the bullet hole between my eyes) my mom calls me the Ambassadog against animal cruelty.

My quality of life now?  I am no longer urinary or fecally incontinent, and I am the happiest and healthiest dog that you would ever see and I just taught my mom how to howl!  What fun we have! 

If you would like to read more about my story, just go to and please pass it on to others! 

I was saved for a reason and I would like my story to be an inspiration to others!  

Animal Advocacy Guest Blogger Thank You

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One thought on “Guest Blogger, Sadie (Dog Survivor of Abuse)
  1. Avatar Will L.

    Such a happy story even if it started out sad. I look forward to new blog posts, and will share this site with my Facebook group.


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