I. Will. Not. Be. Stopped. (From Janet)

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It’s bound to happen. You’re out there. You’re speaking up and speaking out. You’re supporting, encouraging, pleading, helping, networking, educating, raising funds and volunteering. You’re spending time, energy, breaks, and vacation. You’re advocating. You’re making a difference. You’re saving lives.

And sometimes you find yourself being noticed for all the WRONG things.

I make it a point NOT to share my personal life on social media. Although I am very social, when I committed to being an advocate for animals in need and created just-do-something.org, I chose to stop using social media for anything but that. I wanted to be known on social media as someone with a very specific course – and that did not include talking about myself, or sharing my life’s updates.

It’s not that I wanted to give off an air of mystery. Or that I didn’t think others would not be interested in my life personally. Rather, I wanted to make a distinct mark on social media and keep the focus off me. Being an animal advocate IS a very personal thing, but, it’s not about me.

With that said, it can sometimes be difficult to be impersonal on social media, especially when others use social media platforms to make things very personal – sometimes intrusive.

Some continue to reach out to me all of our social media sites NOT for the good works I am attempting in Animal Support and Advocacy, but instead to see if they can have a “match made in heaven”, or to criticize something that we shared or posted, or, or, or.

It’s not that I’m hardened to this type of interaction – I’m not. People can be horrible, whether it’s on social media or in person. But honestly, what does it take to get through to some of these people that I’m not interested in a romantic relationship or in arguing over the everyday minutia that isn’t going to matter once the conversation on your Facebook page ends.  Or, the ones who just come right out and state that my efforts are not going to make a difference because, because, because.

I am too busy tearing my hair out over the dog in the next town over that is freezing and hungry, even though local Animal Control says their owners are within the limits of the law.

I am too busy trying to fit Animal Welfare conference calls and meetings around my full-time job schedule.

I am too busy figuring out how every day I can fit more time in the hours that I have to continue to find ways to make a difference for animals in need.

I. am. too. busy.

Do I think that I am more important than the next person trying to make a difference? No.

But I DO feel that it’s NOT okay for someone to push their way into someone else’s circles for their own agenda.

Want to learn about Animal Welfare? Want to hear what it takes to be an Animal Advocate? Want help getting started? Need a resource to help save an animal’s life?


Want a date? Want to complain about the way your office mate chews gum too loudly? Want to put others down for making an effort?


Look at my social medial accounts. Read my profiles. See what we are posting and sharing through just-do-something.org. THAT is what I am all about on social media. THAT is what is important, so important, to me.

Want to follow, connect or share? Then make sure, when it’s our social media platforms you are checking out, that you are following, connecting and sharing for the SAME reasons I am.

  • To make a difference.
  • To save or better the lives of animals in need.
  • To encourage and support others to speak on and speak out on behalf of animals in need.
  • To educate and inspire others to JUST DO SOMETHING.

THAT is what I am all about on and outside of social media.

There are many people out there who also experience the same kinds of social media issues. Most of them will deal with the nonsense that comes with being connected to well, everyone, and continue on with their own endeavors. But some will cave under the pressure and stress that comes with being known on social media, and change their style do avoid future problems or give up.

If you believe in what you are doing, then, no matter what the roadblock, persevere.

No matter what comes my way, I will persevere.

I am an animal advocate. I. Will. Not. Be. Stopped.

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